About the company

We specialise in transport of bulky goods and standard loads with industrial swap bodies of the BDF system. We are one of the largest Polish transport and forwarding companies, that operates on domestic and international markets.

VIVE Transport is one of the largest transport and forwarding companies in Poland. We specialise in transport of bulky goods and standard loads with industrial swap bodies of the BDF system. We provide our transport services on national and international markets. VIVE Transport is a part of the VIVE Group.

Our company’s strength is its highly trained and professional staff that executes over 8000 orders per year. Thanks to the double number of drivers, transport is rendered rapidly and always on time, which is reflected in the satisfaction of our customers and prospering businesses.
Since September 2012 we have been a member of the Polish Logistics Chamber. We also own a driving school – Eco Driving Academy PL, which teaches safe-driving techniques and eco driving. Our school is the exclusive partner of IRU Academy in Poland. Our trainers won the Eco-Effect 2013 competition, organised by IRU in Geneva.

  • 1993

    The origins of the company can be traced back to 1993, when the company VIVE Textile Recycling started investing in developing its own vehicle fleet in order to ensure the independence of its raw material supply.

  • 2008

    In 2008 the fleet had already 46 sets of DAF industrial trucks. In the same year a decision was made about the setting-up of a separate company – VIVE Transport – that focused on transport and forwarding activities.

    Today our company owns the greatest quantity of BDF swap bodies and numbers among the top private transport companies in the country. The offer also comprises 80 DAF, SCANIA and VOLVO trucks, with semi-trailers and 700 swap bodies with BDF system.

  • 2013

    We grow continously. In 2013 we implemented the newest ERP Speed management system, giving us the ability to trace swap bodies. Further development projects aim to ensure further replenishment of the truck fleet and swap bodies. This will strengthen our transport service capacities.

Below are some documents proving the reliability of the company.

Meet the team VIVE Transport.
Together we care for our Customers’ satisfaction and make sure that the services provided by us are of the highest quality.
Together we can achieve every objective!

  • Grzegorz S. Woelke


  • Maciej Śledziński

    Director of Transport

  • Katarzyna Banaś

    Director of Forwarding and Transport

  • Sylwia Jagiełło

    International Dispatcher

  • Albert Szczepaniak

    International Forwarder

  • Eliza Stankiewicz

    International Forwarder

  • Anna Sosińska

    International Forwarder

  • Wioletta Kasprzyk

    International Forwarder

  • Anna Miernikiewicz

    International Forwarder

  • Paweł Dynek

    Technical Director of Transport Department

  • Andrzej Redos

    Swap bodies dispatcher

  • Artur Solnica


  • Joanna Zielińska

    Invoice specialist

  • Halina Mikołajczyk

    Invoice specialist

  • Ewelina Banasik

    Maritime transport Officer

At VIVE Transport we put special emphasis on the quality of services and customer assistance. We particularly take care of the following matters, that are at the centre of our concern:

  • People and the environment

    These are our two priorities. Each of our undertakings meets all safety requirements and cares for the environment. Our undertakings are consistent with responsible business, legal and regulatory requirements.

  • Company’s employees

    We employ and retain only the best employees. We provide them with the necessary information, guidelines and quality trainings. We adhere rigorously to our quality policy and important procedures. We inspire and give opportunity to constant development of our staff.

  • Quality management system

    We implement a quality management system, undergoing regular additional audits. It is constantly reviewed and revised, taking into account changes in legislation and in market environment.

  • Responsibility

    We maintain and develop a clearly defined division of responsibilities, defined objectives, methods of control and the review process of qualitative results.

  • The highest quality

    Our ultimate goal is the highest quality of transport and forwarding services.

  • Our consumers

    We are upholding our responsibilities on a daily basis in order to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers.

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